Konzertkirche Neubrandenburg

Stefan Malzew-Trio


With this piece, we take a virtual Easter walk to Neubrandenburg. 

Beethoven!AllesNeunte! is an evening dedicated to the emotions of one of the titans of music and would have been performed on 20 and 22 March in the Konzertkirche in Neubrandenburg.

Beethoven started out in life as a highly communicative person with a hunger for new experiences. For him, interacting via the language of music was the most important way of recharging. What a shock it must have been for him to discover that he was going to irrevocably lose his hearing. And how deeply this loss must have affected both his psyche and his emotions so that it led him to compose music that not only accompanied the development of mankind but actively shaped it.
Beethoven!AllesNeunte! commemorates his 250th birthday by  bringing us as close as possible to his own personal spirit – from his joie de vivre to his struggle against depression and his thoughts of suicide.

We will express our gratitude by sending him some posthumous musical consolation. 

DLF-Kultur will broadcast a recording of the 20 March concert on 19 April 2020 at 11 pm.

New dates: Saturday, 29 August 2020, 4 pm and 7.30 pm

Beethoven!Alles Neunte!

Photo: Wiebke Loeper