Schloss Biesdorf

Longing for the Now


When exactly is NOW?
When does the past become NOW?
How long after NOW does the future start? 
17 artists examine these questions 

in the exhibition in Schloss Biesdorf.

About the photo
Julia Murakami’s works are visual explorations of a lost time. Whether taking the form of  theatrical scenes or a cosmos of strange hybrid creatures, they offer voyeuristic glimpses of a world located within the psyche. Hidden references between the works and playfully interwoven »cameo appearances« by the protagonists join the separate works into a unified whole. 
In carefully constructed self-portraits, Julia Murakami slips into the role of inhabitants of that lost world – wondrous hybrid beings with animal heads and human bodies – here a reference to Greek saga, there a longing for the long-lost: memory, yearning, dreams, loss.

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Streaming on 4.4.2020 from 4 to 5.30 pm:

Exercises in Levitation II, (Series) Photo print under acrylic glass mounted on Alu-dibond, 60 x 80 cm