Politics of the Dance Floor

On Music

With Larisa Kingston Mann, Eugenia Seriakov,
Samira Hamid Sharifu, Phatstoki and Sarah Farina

What is the relationship between rave and resistance? Can raving be a form of »pleasure activism« (Adrienne Maree Brown, 2019)? What does social justice look like in the clubbing context and beyond? The second edition of On Music sets its sights on the dance floor.

Even if the practice and consumption of music increasingly take place online, music still stands for a direct, shared experience. However, when escapism and profit making prevail in club culture, the importance of the dance floor as a political place is overlooked. In the urban centers around the world, various actors are working on defending this political place and imagining it over and over again.

Curated by Sarah Farina and Kerstin Meißner 

This video was made by Phatstoki, who describes herself as a »24 year old queer of colour from Soweto (…) photographer, filmmaker and DJ«.

The event will be rescheduled, stay tuned.

Photo: Gaétan Clément