Stadtmuseum Berlin

The Sound of Berlin

One of the highlights in the currently closed Märkisches Museum is a digitized music box (Polyhymat type 80B). With songs and instrumental pieces from 1945 to the present, it invites you to discover music from and about Berlin.

Particular in Berlin music had always a special, a rebellious, but also a binding power. Visitors of our exhibition #BerlinZEIT are able to discover 70 songs from seven decades—the unique sound of the city! By the way the most chosen song in recent years was »Heroes« by David Bowie.

Would you like to go on a musical journey through Berlin by yourself? Wonderful, because most songs from the jukebox are available online in our Spotify playlist:

In the BerlinZEIT exhibition, the Stadtmuseum Berlin presents Berlin history from the ice age to the present in an easily understandable and compact manner. The exhibition is closed until further notice.

The Sound of Berlin © Stadtmuseum Berlin
Foto: Michael Setzpfandt