Marie Antoinette

Marla Hansen


Marla Hansen would have showcased her new album Dust on 27 March in Marie Antoinette.

After years working as a guest musician for the likes of Sufjan Stevens, The National and My Brightest Diamond, Marla Hansen is now releasing Dust – her first solo album in twelve years. Dust is infused with the weight and wisdom of hand-me-down folk songs. But it also sparkles with the confidence and enthusiasm of an artist who has added fresh colours to her palette. 

The slow-burning method of Dust’s evolution becomes increasingly tangible as the album progresses. Hansen’s classical background comes into wide focus when a solo plucked viola evokes American dreamscapes in technicolour, courtesy of Berlin’s Oriel Quartett. 

The fingerprints of Hansen’s new hometown can be found all over this record. Swashbuckling contributions from Berlin synth pioneer Barbara Morgenstern inject slices of energy like shards of electric glass, while Andi Haberl from The Notwist lurks under every track, his drums simmering like an approaching army of wooden horses. 

New date: 3 September 2020, Marie Antoinette

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Marie Antoinette

Photo: Nura Qureshi