Kunstverein Tiergarten | Zwinger Galerie

Käthe Kruse

Ich sehe | 366 Tage

»The installation radiates enormous energy for the viewer.« Brigitte Werneburg, Taz

For 366 days, I collected 25 headlines per day from newspapers, taking indiscriminately from the society, politics, business, environment, sport and culture sections. I relied on my artistic and political sensibility in making my choices. Saving the results by date, I built up a contingent of sentences that – with artistic transformation – portrayed a disturbing picture of society.

Working with framed digital prints, I arranged the days in chronological order, then extracted the nouns and painted them word for word alphabetically / chronologically onto 80 screens with a total of 3927 words: from Abstiegsangst to Zuwanderungsrekord.

By isolating the words, resequencing them and presenting them a reduced spatial setting, the dangerous power of unreflected language use is revealed in seemingly incidental fashion.

Ich sehe (I see)
Galerie Nord / Kunstverein Tiergarten,
20 March to 6 June 2020

366 Tage
Zwinger Galerie, 27 March to 13 June 2020

Accompanied by a publication (including a double album) on DISTANZ

Both exhibitions are visible and legible from the outside. The concert on 2 April has been cancelled.