Haus der Statistik


Über unsere Beziehung zum Ozean und der Natur

How do we connect with the ocean and nature? Ocean. Now! invites you to a moment of realization. 

Due to the pandemic, the ocean protection collective Ocean. Now!  transformed its exhibition From the Coastline (Haus der Statistik) into a virtual event program. For the period between April 9th and May 6th, »Inseparable – on our relationship with the ocean and nature« offers you plenum discussions, »Meet the artist« talks, a fishbowl discussion, a little poetic contest, workshops, interviews and movie nights. All events will be interactive and will happen on Zoom.

For an exchange of ideas on how we can bring about significant changes for a sustainable future – because the crisis will pass and the protection of our planet will continue.

Concept of the event programm
Program details and participation via Zoom

Photo: Saskia Uppenkamp
Eric D. Clark – DJ & Produzent: »I can’t imagine being without the ocean, it doesn’t make any sense. It’s simple.«

Haus der Statistik