Urban Spree

Chris Imler

Country Club

Chris Imler was originally going to play a release concert on 15 May in Urban Spree for the 12-inch »Country Club«.

As befits the true avant-gardist, Chris Imler’s personality is an integral part of his work. His aura changes between eternal street urchin and dubious magician. Regularly touring all over Europe, he symbolises the yearning for an uncompromising, glamorous and insane but simultaneously non-messed-up, astutely-handling-any-bullshit kind of life. He doesn’t deny how fucking difficult that can be. But even a journey into the abyss can be an adventure and it’s hard to imagine a better companion for the ride than Chris Imler.

New date: 9 October 2020, Urban Spree Berlin

Vinyl will come out anyway on 15 May via R.I.O. Label, Discogs etc. and is already available on Bandcamp: 


Photo: Max Zerrahn