musuku – Museum of Subcultures is an initiative by artists and culture producers from Berlin that was launched in 2019 by Anke Fesel, Chris Keller (Berlin Wonderland) and Bettina Hertrampf. 

musuku aims to reflect the enormous relevance of subcultures, providing the associated narratives with a platform, offering a space for experimentation, discussion and discourse, and serving as a kind of subcultural embassy in the city centre – a place that is increasingly hostile to the presence of subculture. 

The initial phase involves holding temporary exhibitions in cooperation with various locations around the city.
The début exhibition was held in autumn 2019 in Haus der Statistik. Entitled »Islands of Utopia«, it told of subcultures and communities that are exploring new dimensions of freedom on water.
In November 2020, musuku will be showing »77 Years of LSD« in Galerie Neurotitan in Haus Schwarzenberg.

Sebastian Vogel

Ben de Biel

ARTEFAKT Kulturkonzepte

Wilf Moss